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Let us help get you Untangled with ADHD coaching and support.

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There is a lot to be celebrated about neurodivergent kids; creativity, intensity, passion, and a perspective that is totally unique. 

However, sometimes fitting all that uniqueness into a neurotypical world can be stressful and challenging. 

So we created coaching programs specifically designed to support neurodiverse students and their parents. 

our programs


Parenting neurodiverse kids can be hard, frustrating, and downright tiring. Parenting Untangled is a 5 weeks online group coaching program where you can…

  • Enhance your knowledge of neurodiversity to help you better understand your child and explain it to others.
  • Master proven tools and strategies to help identify and reduce challenging behavior.
  • Get support and guidance from an experienced coach and other parents.


Adolescence can be a challenging time for neurodiverse kids the desire to ‘fit in’ can overwhelm undermining confidence and adding barriers to success. School Untangled is a 3-month online group coaching program for secondary school students to…

  • Develop friendships and become more confident with school and relationships.
  • Build healthy habits and take more responsibility for themselves.
  • Gain knowledge of tools and strategies to help develop self-esteem and feel less stressed and more enthusiastic about school.


Young adults with newfound freedoms and responsibilities can often find themselves shutting down against the pressures and expectations. Life Untangled is a 3-month online group coaching program for tertiary school students to…

  • Learn to leverage their personal strengths and weaknesses to find success.
  • Practice with proven tools and strategies to help manage change and plan for their future.
  • Work with experienced coaches and peers to gain support and guidance.